Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey

On March 1, Istanbul will host a large-scale event Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey , dedicated to the study of the role of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the modern world. Why Turkey? The country experiences an active development of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market. Currently, the country has successful digital assets exchanges Lira-Bitcoin and BTCTurk, […]

Is it possible Google can render phone review sites irrelevant?


When you want to buy a phone, you might do a search online, compare phone specs before you make a purchase, right? Well, what if you could just enter the name of two phones into Google and generate spec comparisons for these two phones? Will you visit any review site again? Case closed. That’s what […]

AR View: Amazon Adds Augmented Reality to Mobile App


Amazon recently started acquiring permits to operate an online pharmacy. Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s richest man.  There seems to be no halt for the retail giant when it comes to innovation and offering customers the best shopping experience. This time, the company is out with an Augmented Reality Mobile Application. Amazon has launched […]

Microsoft abandons its Outlook Premium offer for Office 365

From one angle, it’s like Microsoft hasn’t seen a smooth run this 2017. It seems the tech giant is giving up on a lot of things, where it even recently gave up Windows on phone. So what is it this time? Surely another sacrifice. Due to a lack of public success, Microsoft announced on 1st […]

Shelley: the MIT AI that writes horror stories

MIT has developed an AI horror story writer called Shelley The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working extensively on artificial intelligence, applying it to several areas of our lives from the home to the office. In September, MIT announced its collaboration with IBM for the development of a joint research laboratory on artificial intelligence. The […]

YouTube TV arrives on Apple TV and Xbox One

There is something new about the YouTube TV platform; The application is now open to many platforms, including Apple TV and Xbox One. The goal is to simplify the viewing of videos or your favorite channels in everyday life! Regular users of the YouTube video platform will be happy to hear that YouTube TV is […]