Microsoft PrintNightmare patch is not working

windows keyboard logo by tadas sar

Microsoft has expanded patches for the so-called PrintNightmare vulnerability for Windows 10 version 1607, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2016. The fix for the vulnerability can also bypasses the security protections in certain situations, experts say.

AI exposes distracted politicians.

Anonymous masked man interview by michal matlon

A Flemish artist, Dries Depooter, is using artificial intelligence to catch politicians using their phones during government meetings, and subsequently shaming them on social media.

Chinese quantum computer beats Google’s again

orange artificial sphere AI

A Chinese research team has surpassed Google, building a quantum computer that completed a calculation in just over an hour that would take classical computers more than eight years to perform. In recent years researchers around the Globe have finally reached the ‘quantum advantage’ – the point at which quantum computing can solve a problem … Read more

NCR Opens Bitcoin Purchases To 650 Banks And Credit Unions

bitcoin some cash and a wallet by aleksi raisa

650 U.S. banks will soon be able to offer bitcoin purchases to an estimated 24 million total customers. The move is the latest by Atlanta-based payments giant NCR, and NYDIG, to capitalize on demand it’s seeing from banks and credit unions tired of seeing crypto-purchases made from their accounts to outside exchanges. By providing these … Read more

Github Copilot: An AI powered autocomplete for developers

paper doll in front of code by kobu agency

GitHub launches a preview of a new AI-powered programming tool that aims to help software developers write better code. The code synthesizer is called Copilot and was developed in collaboration with OpenAI. Copilot can make recommendations in almost any programming language, but it works best with popular languages like Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go. … Read more

Binance banned from operating in the UK

Binance and cryptocoins

Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority has declared one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, is not permitted to undertake any regulated activity in the UK. The regulator said no other entity in the group holds any form of UK authorization, registration, or licence to conduct regulated activity. Binance said the FCA notice would have no direct … Read more