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Is Ripple worth investing in?

The cryptocurrency craze is here and it is not going away. Admitted it will have its ups and downs, like now, but the genie...

11 companies changing the healthcare industry through the blockchain technology

When we talk about disruptive technologies, I don't need to tell you how deadly it can be for companies and industries. Just like the...

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey

On March 1, Istanbul will host a large-scale event Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey , dedicated to the study of the role of blockchain technology and...

A layman’s view of blockchain and Where to learn the technology

With the jargons in the blockchain ecosystem, it’s sometimes very hard trying to understand the technology or even explain it to an investor or...

Scientists Introduce CRISPR’s brother Base Editing, the New Technology that will edit your DNA

Can your DNA be edited? Of course, scientists say is possible. DNA editing technology is an amazing invention where an artificial means is used to...

Is it possible Google can render phone review sites irrelevant?

When you want to buy a phone, you might do a search online, compare phone specs before you make a purchase, right? Well, what...

AR View: Amazon Adds Augmented Reality to Mobile App

Amazon recently started acquiring permits to operate an online pharmacy. Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s richest man.  There seems to be no halt...