Jacobi Launches Spot Bitcoin ETF in Europe

Jacobi Asset Management has launched Europe’s first physical Bitcoin ETF on Euronext Amsterdam

  • The ETF is called Jacobi FT Wilshere Bitcoin ETF and it tracks the performance of the FT Wilshere Bitcoin Index, which is based on the spot price of bitcoin.
  • The ETF has a management fee of 0.75% and it is physically backed by bitcoin held in cold storage by BitGo Trust Company, a qualified custodian.
  • The ETF aims to provide investors with a simple and cost-effective way to access the bitcoin market, while also offering transparency, security and liquidity.
  • The ETF is available to both retail and institutional investors in Europe, and it has been approved by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
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