IBM and Hugging Face release AI foundation model for climate science

IBM and Hugging Face have released an AI foundation model for climate science.
MCu is trained on a massive dataset of climate data and can be used to generate insights into how the climate is changing

On August 3, 2023, IBM and Hugging Face released an AI foundation model for climate science. The model, called geospatial foundation model, is built from NASA’s satellite data and is the largest geospatial foundation model on Hugging Face.

The geospatial foundation model can be used for a variety of climate science tasks, such as:

  • Deforestation tracking: The model can be used to track deforestation by identifying changes in vegetation cover.
  • Crop yield prediction: The model can be used to predict crop yields by analyzing soil moisture, temperature, and other factors.
  • Greenhouse gas detection: The model can be used to detect greenhouse gases by analyzing atmospheric data.

Here are some additional details about

  • The model is trained on a dataset of over 100 petabytes of data, including satellite data, weather models, and other climate-related information.
  • The model is fine-tuned using a technique called transfer learning, which allows it to learn from existing models that have been trained on similar data.
  • The model is available for free on Hugging Face.
  • The model is open source, which means that anyone can contribute to its development.
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