With IKEA Place, you can test furniture with AR before purchasing it.

Like many consumers, before moving to a furniture store, we would like to know if the piece of furniture we are about to buy will fit well into our internal decoration. Well, augmented reality says you can know how a furniture fits your room before buying. IKEA has just launched the IKEA Place application for iOS 11. All iPad or iPhone owners will have the chance to try the furniture at home before buying them!


The IKEA Place application is now available on all iPhones and iPads with iOS 11 and will offer consumers the ability to test armchairs, tables, and cabinets with augmented reality, adapt the furniture to their decoration, and then make a final decision.

To achieve this truly unusual innovation, Ikea is using ARKit, one of the novelties of iOS 11 recently put forward by the tech giant Apple, which allows developers to use augmented reality in their application.

IKEA Place: augmented reality that pushes interior design and decoration to new heights.

As can be seen on the IKEA Place presentation video, it will be possible to see if a sofa passes between a bookcase and a wall in your interior or if the future coffee table will adapt to your living room. The products of the furnishing giant will actually appear in augmented reality, just as the Pokémon appear in a park or on a street.

The tool is able to adapt the piece of furniture to the scale of the room, so that what appears on the screen will have the actual dimensions of the furniture present in the store. Moreover, once integrated in your interior, it is possible to turn around the piece of furniture in order to see it under all the seams and even from below! Pretty bluffing, it must be said … A new era seems to arise in the field of shopping!