Walmart joins Google Assistant in its fight against Amazon.

A battle of titans is taking shape in the shadow of the internet. On the one hand, Amazon, on the other, large retailers. While Alexa continues to provide AI needs for retailers, Walmart has decided to join Google’s artificial intelligence.

Through Google Assistant and Google Express, users will be able to place orders directly from many devices, including Google Home. These are hundreds of thousands of new products that have finally made their way into the popular search engine.

In the United States, major retailers have joined Google. Target, Costco, and now Walmart line up to compete, and seek to deliver the smoothest shopping experience possible. Additionally, unlike Amazon, which would impose a subscription (Amazon Prime) for free deliveries or other terms, users who are passing through Google will not experience this problem. By going through Google Express, it will be enough that the order fulfills the conditions of the particular item being purchased to have a free delivery.

Retail brands have realized where technology is shifting towards and therefore continue to offer third-party world experiences in their applications or in point-of-sale technology to their customers. Google’ AI is now found in many devices, and these retailers have seen a growth potential in partnering with the popular search engine to deliver goods and services to their customers.

Moreover, Google is smart and continues its role of indexing the products offered by the retail brands, becoming a simple gateway, for these large retailers to get their customers shopping from whichever device or location they have their hands on.

It seems many of the major retailers are moving towards Google. If this trend keeps on, it might come to a time that Google will have almost all the retailers using its AI tools. And when that happens, will it be Amazon against the rest of the world?