The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should return in July

Rebuilt versions would be renamed Note 7 FE, according to the Wall Street Journal. Tech giants across the globe cannot run away from issues with faulty devices. Samsung had its share of this fault with the Galaxy Note 7 and has since then been working around the clock to make things better.

Galaxy Note 7

After the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 and after the release of the results of Samsung’s investigation, the latter said it intended to hand over reconditioned units to the market and then recycle those that would not be sold. But no date has been given yet. Sources had said, however, that Samsung will market the reconditioned units this June. On a closer look and the fact that we are almost out of June, it will be from July onwards that this marketing will take place.

This is in any case what the Wall Street Journal indicates, citing people close to the file. According to the Journal, these units would be renamed Galaxy Note 7 FE (“Fandom Edition”).
But it is likely that the Note 7 FE will not reach all markets. For now, Samsung would only market it in Korea. The manufacturer would like to send 400,000 units to the three major operators of the country, before rolling out on a global scale.

Note 7’s problem would have affected only 330 units, but the smartphone videos that catch fire as well as how the crisis was handled at the beginning (even after a first reminder, cases of explosion still took place) have seriously affected Samsung’s reputation.

In 2017, thanks to the innovations of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has been able to improve its image. And with Note 8, which should be presented in a few weeks to come, it should continue to win back the public.

Besides, unless Note 7 FE is really sold off, I do not see too much interest in buying this one when its successor, Note 8, will arrive soon.

On the other hand, as noted by several media, Samsung customers insisted on keeping their Note 7 despite the risks that the smartphone presented (and its ban on aircraft).