The iPod: a journey from birth to death

Did you think the iPod was not getting much attention as other Apple products and as a result was going extinct? That’s true – techies and Apple enthusiasts knew that the iPod would surely die. But they never saw Apple speeding up the extinction of its own product. Well, that’s what is happening – Apple has decided to speed up the process by officially stopping to distribute the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle and has removed these two from its product page.

Apple Nano
source: Apple Support/iPod Nano

We were in the early 2000s when Apple entered the market for digital music players. And now we are in 2017. If you clicked “play” on the iPod in the early 2000s, then it’s time to look for the “stop” button. Though it’s dying, we all agree that these devices really changed the digital music scene, which surely means that the reputation of Apple was never sullied by these devices.

The iPod, a symbol of the musical revolution of Apple

It was in the early 2000s when Apple, though big name in the industry, was not revered because of some chain iPhones. Around that time, it was Tony Fadell who was running Apple’s affairs.

The young engineer then explained to the team that the iPod project will completely remake the face of Apple and in ten years, Apple will be a box dedicated to music, not to computers.

Is it true today? No. Technology has changed so fast that Fadell couldn’t even make sure that his dream for Apple comes true. If Apple had really focused on producing digital musical devices, it wouldn’t survive to this stage.

But Tony wasn’t totally wrong – iPods brought a revolution

Less than ten years later, the release of a certain iPhone will shake the history of the brand, but Tony Fadell’s aims to make Apple a digital music production giant didn’t fail entirely. The iPod was surely a success, bringing with it iTunes and especially the iTunes Music Store which later became the iTunes Store.
The Store immediately became a shock and completely revolutionized the way we consume music.

The iTunes Store became the world’s most popular online music store and owes its success largely to iPod nano and the iPod shuffle.

A sneak peeak at the devices being killed by Apple

The iPod Nano and the iPod shuffle are the two soon-to-die devices.

The nano had a smaller storage space than the classic but it had the same functions thanks to its screen and the famous wheel (disappeared on the latest models as a result of touch screens).

The iPod Shuffle was a more amazing model and matched the entry-level iPod family (nano for mid-range and classic for the high end). Appreciated for its small size, the shuffle was appealing, especially to sportsmen.

As we say goodbye to these iPods, don’t forget we are also welcoming another Apple device soon; the iPhone 8. But the iPod touch is still around.