The Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Following

Few industries shift as much as digital marketing. Technological advancements, new search algorithms, and evolving channels all impact the industry in profound ways. What may have seemed like a gimmick only a year ago might be the new standard nowadays, and keeping up can often be a little overwhelming. However, if you want your business to remain on the cutting edge of the latest developments, here are the digital marketing trends you need to follow.


If you run a Facebook business page, you already know that it provides statistics about your response rate and timeliness to visitors and prospective customers. That’s why more and more businesses are starting to rely on chatbots and virtual assistance to satisfy the initial stages of their customer service needs. It’s also predicted that the prevalence of these bots will save businesses upwards of eight billion dollars each year.

Not only can chatbots ably handle repetitive tasks without tiring, they’re also a convenient 24/7 solution for coverage around the clock. They can answer general questions, provide product information, and retain customer data for future use all without your direct involvement. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs and are thinking of streamlining the customer service process, you need to incorporate chatbots into your business model.

Influencer marketing

It’s no secret that word of mouth referrals are incredibly beneficial to growing businesses. What if you could leverage word of mouth recommendations on a much larger scale than the average person’s social network? Instead of cold prospecting these potential customers, you could have an influencer do it for you to a captive audience that could number into the hundreds of thousands.

From online celebrities to well-known bloggers, there’s no shortage of social media influencers with large fanbases. By tapping into an influencer’s dedicated audience and having them recommend your brand or products to their followers, you’re skipping direct advertisement in favor of heightened brand awareness. This is an excellent way to attract new customers and tap into concentrated market segments. Influencer marketing also has a tendency to produce healthy returns on investment so it’s an avenue that’s well worth exploring.

Video content

Ever heard the phrase “time is money?” There’s a reason that it’s been in use for as long as it has. Nowadays, there’s more content available to users than is humanly possible to consume, and your customers seldom have excess time to spare. That’s why video is so important as a marketing tool. In seconds, it disseminates the same amount of information that an article might in a fraction of the time. It doesn’t hurt that the prevalence of video content is only projected to keep growing over the next few years as it aims to stake a claim of over 80 percent of all online traffic by 2019.

While YouTube is still the top dog when it comes to video platforms, you don’t need to rent a set and a pair of HD cameras to succeed when it comes to video content. Recent trends are pointing to the increased popularity of live streams on social media. “Going live” is great for interview segments, product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes clips of your office, and much more. It’s also an easy way to put a face to your product and create a rapport with your audience. That way, you’re not simply a faceless company to your customers, you’re a human being just like them.

Mastering the curve

The ever-shifting landscape of digital marketing is difficult to grasp and even harder to master. While you can likely handle some aspects of your company’s marketing efforts on your own, you should also look for local professionals. If you’re seeking digital marketing in Brisbane, for example, then you might want to consider calling in pros who know your local audience. There are plenty of agencies that can take your business vision and turn it into a creative campaign. Regardless of which path you choose, if you’re doing your best to stay ahead of developing trends, you’re positioning yourself for success.