The BlackBerry KeyOne: The Good and the Not-so-Good – So far

It’s been weeks since BlackBerry released its comeback phone to the amazement of BlackBerry fans and those who are in tune with physical keyboards. This new phone seems to be the company’s way of recovering its reputation after the brand has suffered in the past decade, where most of its devices failed to make huge impressions.

Just like other upcoming and existing Android phones, the KeyOne is in competition with major brands like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel, and LG’s G6, though BlackBerry’s KeyOne is somehow gaining an upper hand when it comes to the keyboard.

So far, the phone has been good. First users seem to be impressed, especially with the keyboard. These are the specs, both good and bad, we’ve gathered about BlackBerry’s new release, the KeyOne.

The good so far

  • The KeyOne is the most premium of all BlackBerry phones
  • Accurate, very fast fingerprint reader (built into keyboard)
  • A customizable convenience key capable of opening any shortcut or key
  • You have the ability to program 52 keyboard shortcuts (though you might not need to)
  • An extremely useful productivity tab that is reminiscent of the Galaxy S8 tab
  • The recent tab layout and the floating phone button gives you the chance to return to a call when you’ve switched screens.

The Not-So-Good so far

  • It’s heavy and that makes it a little bit uncomfortable
  • There’s a dedicated $ key, but you can’t find a dedicated comma, @, or a period
  • The convenience key triggers easily. Set it to “camera” and put it in your pocket. Remove it later and you might find a thousand photos of your thigh or underwear.
  • There are limited camera options
  • Nothing like water-resistance.

So far, that’s a sneak peak of what the KeyOne has to offer.