The Best iMac to every walk the earth’s surface

Think you’ve had enough of Apple Desktops? Then think again. Because the company is out with an insanely fast, beautifully designed, and features-packed iMac just for you. If you ask me to give it a name, I’ll call it a beautiful beast because that’s what it is. This best will hit stores by December this year.

Apple unveiled the iMac Pro 2 days ago at the WWDC 2017. It’s a luxury device with many options. It’s simply the best iMac that has ever been produced, pushing the edges of Desktop innovation to higher limits in terms of storage, cached size, processing power, and design.

When it comes to performance, the new iMac nails it. This time, Apple is not just targeting anyone. If you are just a simple computer user, I will beg you to go for any of the other Apple Desktops. This beast will scare you away. It is produced for those who have demanding, high-volume, and neck-breaking workflows – I mean pro users, and you can see that in the specs.

The specs will scare you.


The new iMac Pro has a striking 5K retina display with 27 inches.


It has an Intel Xeon Kaby Lake processor of 8, 10 or 18 cores depending on the configuration – the fastest processor ever in an iMac.


Graphics computation comes at 22 Teraflops. Ever head of the Radeon Pro Vega Graphics? Well, that’s the insane graphics behind the beauty of this new desktop. This beast is thrice faster than any other iMac that has ever been produced by the company. This does not just mean high VR frames, but also a depiction of excellent renderings in 3D, stunning special effects, and the enjoyment of high-resolution when it comes to gaming.

Storage and memory size

The RAM runs from 32 GB to 128 GB. The installed SSD is 1TB but can be increased to 4. With this kind of RAM size, you might get mad when trying to comprehend the processing speed.

It doesn’t end here. The iMac Pro equally has provisions for up to an SSD storage of 4TB and an ECC memory of up to 128GB.


One Deluxe product Thunderbolt 3 ports, USB-C and a 10GB Ethernet port and a 4.2 Bluetooth are available on the connector side.

When it comes to competition, I don’t actually know where to put it because it seems to be at the forefront for now in terms of desktop quality, performance, display, and storage. Apple nails it in all rounds. Let’s wait for December to see what the iMac Pro really can.