Tez, the Google app that transfers money with sound.

In India, Google launches a new mobile payment system that does not use the NFC, nor the QR Code, but sound. This is to facilitate transfer of money from device to device.

Google has never hidden its particular interest in India. For example, in order to adapt to this market, the tech giant launched YouTube Go, a modified version of its video streaming service that not only allows users to download videos, but also transfer them via Bluetooth. This service was launched in September 2016. And now Google is here again with Tez for the Indian Market.


This interest of Google for India is normal given the country’s population. According to the firm, India currently has 300 million smartphone users. The only trouble is that these smartphones are often entry-level models. Meaning many high-end and powerful applications might not be preferred by the lot.

And even if Google already offers payments via NFC with Android Pay, the company has decided to launch Tez, another mobile payment system specially designed for the Indian market.

The application (which the user must link to his bank account) has several features. But the most interesting is the Cash Mode, which allows users to transfer money via sound.

The AQR or the Audio QR code technology

Google uses a technology called AQR or Audio QR. It is similar to QR Visual Codes (which applications like Lydia already use for money transfers) but it would be more convenient and more secure according to Google.

The advantage of this sound technology is that it is compatible with more phones. To make a payment, simply put two phones side by side and validate with a PIN.

The application allows two people to send money, and it can also be a method of payment for merchants. Indeed, Google is also launching a program called Tez for Businesses as well.

And in addition to physical payments, Tez also allows you to make remote transfers. According to a video posted by the firm, Tez is compatible with 50 banks in India.

This is surely a welcoming move that will not just make merchant to merchant and customer to merchant payment very easy in India, it will also open a new and improved stance for Google in the Indian smartphone and digital payment markets.