Xiaomi presents the Mi Mix 2 and the Mi Note 3, a day before Apple’s keynote.


After returning to the Top 5 of the most important manufacturers in the smartphone industry, Xiaomi reveals two new models that you will surely hear a lot about this month. A few years ago, the Chinese manufacturer was often accused of copying Apple and not innovating. Xiaomi was best known for its different economic model […]

A collaboration between Xiaomi and Nokia takes VR and AI to the next level

Nokia and xiaomi

The two tech giants joined forces in what we can refer to as a cross patent deal. The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is to acquire a patent from Nokia in return for equipment on network infrastructure. The deal between these companies was signed yesterday. The focus of this agreement, especially in the long run, is […]

Xiaomi MI 6 launched

Xiaomi’s flagship phone, the MI 6 has been introduced to the market finally. Last year, Xiaomi seemed to have gathered a whole lot of attention with their remarkable bezelless Mi Mix phone, and in Beijing a couple of days ago, the M1 6 is now out. Xiaomi’s Mi line of phones has been a mainstream […]