A collaboration between Xiaomi and Nokia takes VR and AI to the next level

Nokia and xiaomi

The two tech giants joined forces in what we can refer to as a cross patent deal. The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is to acquire a patent from Nokia in return for equipment on network infrastructure. The deal between these companies was signed yesterday. The focus of this agreement, especially in the long run, is […]

Augmented Reality: Apple bought a startup specialized in eye-surgery.

Apple's logo

Does Apple also make augmented reality glasses? Well, the phone cum laptop giant is surely interested in entering the Augmented Reality market.  Apple no longer hides its interest in augmented reality. At its last developer conference, the tech firm launched a new tool called AR Kit that allows them to create apps and video games […]

Pico Goblin: Autonomous and Ultraportable VR Headset

Like many players who have embarked on the adventure of virtual reality, you may feel constrained by many aspects, such as the presence of wire, the need to have a compatible PC or smartphone or simply the price. If this is the case, the new Pico Goblin helmet should come in handy. The Pico Goblin […]