Logitech relaunches its advanced trackball, the MX Ergo.

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Pleased in the 90s, the trackball lost its place to the benefit of more sophisticated and easy to use mice. In 2017, Logitech decided to upgrade its trackball with the MX Ergo. A big comeback for the trackball Peripheral stars until the late 90s, trackballs have long had their enthusiasts, but the advent of more … Read more

Logitech G433: a headset for gaming and music too

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Logitech, the Swiss Giant has unveiled its G433, a headset for the DTS Headphone X (7.1) compatible video game that is also intended for nomad use. This new headset is unique as it stands out for its hybrid positioning. this new headset is, however, seems to be destined for the video gaming enthusiasts, as well … Read more