Meet ClearWin, a Germaphobe’s Savior

Ramps of escalators, doors to shopping malls, public transportation systems (buses, trains, etc.). These are places where microbes are created, live, and die. If you had a microscopic view you would feel like never touching anything in these places. To fight against this microbial ‘population’, Innotek from LG and Clearwin has developed a sterilizer that … Read more

LG’s ProBeam: a laser projector that stuns

The ProBeam laser projector from LG was first introduced at CES in the earlier part of this year. The projector comes as a compact, not-so-expensive, and handy device that will appeal to people with a knack for big screens or large-covered presentations. that’s the ProBeam at CES this year. For clearer images, the technology behind … Read more