All you need to know about the iPhone X so far.

iPhone X

Meet the best iPhone Apple has made to date, the iPhone X (or the iPhone 10). Before its release into the market in October, it’s good to know all the specs that this knew smartphone brings to the industry. Let’s take a look at what the X has got for us. Technical specs of the […]

Apple’s Keynote is on 12th September 2017: What to expect

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The invitations are being launched for Apple’s next keynote, which will be held on September 12, 2017 in a brand new conference room, the Steve Jobs Theater. Will the highly anticipated iPhone 8 be unveiled? What would Apple be announcing? Let’s see what might be on display. A tribute to Steve Jobs For its next […]

Which devices are compatible with the new Apple OS 11?

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It was difficult to miss the announcement of the new iOS version. Apple has introduced an anthology of updates for its mobile operating system and devices, including the iPad. But now the question of the compatibility of the operating system with available devices arises. Will your iPhone, iPad or iPod be compatible with iOS 11? […]

IOS 11: release date and all the new features with the Apple OS

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We bring you all the specs that the new iOS brings into our new Apple Devices. Release date of iOS 11 No specific release date has been officially released by Apple. The OS will be released at the same time as the release of the next smartphones of the brand, including the iPhone 8, in […]

Few months to the iPhone 8: the rumored specs so far

Back in march, Apple gave us an update of the iPhone series. Though we were all expecting to hear something new, we were turned down because the iPhone 7, 7plus, and SE had been just the appetizing devices. However, strong rumors have it that later this year, we are all going to be greeted by […]