Is it possible Google can render phone review sites irrelevant?


When you want to buy a phone, you might do a search online, compare phone specs before you make a purchase, right? Well, what if you could just enter the name of two phones into Google and generate spec comparisons for these two phones? Will you visit any review site again? Case closed. That’s what […]

Google changing local search

Google will now consider your country (not the domain name extension), as a way of providing more “local” search results. Google recently announced a change in how its algorithm crawls and selects the right information to display on your screen whenever you enter a keyword, the goal being to make search results more local and […]

Gmail offering a library of add-ons to increase productivity


The Gmail application integrates add-ons for work by offering productivity tools. A few months ago, Gmail opened to third-party applications, and more recently to other email accounts apart from Google. This shows the willingness of the firm to integrate external elements and tools to promote user interaction with the app. In a post on its […]

Google Loon: balloons deployed to help Puerto Rico.

Google Loon

In a blog post on Google X, Loon boss Alastair Westgarth said on Friday that the Loon balloons were operational for deployment in Puerto Rico. Last month, Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean to the point that the Puerto Rico Island is deprived of 95% of the ground facilities devoted to mobile telephony. Since the hurricane […]

Discovery and Google are launching a virtual reality series.

DISCOVERY TRVLR- with google

From HTC to SnapChat, from hardware to software, Google is collaborating with organizations across the board to ensure that it stands out in specific areas. This time, it is a collaboration that is geared towards making a virtual reality series. But it seems Google is not the only one spying the Virtual Reality market. The […]