iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 8 – honest and simple review

Since the launch of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, a lot of you might have been thinking of dumping your old smartphones and going for the new ones. But is it worth it to upgrade? Both Apple smartphones are very close in terms of capabilities, but what really differentiates […]

All you need to know about the iPhone X so far.

iPhone X

Meet the best iPhone Apple has made to date, the iPhone X (or the iPhone 10). Before its release into the market in October, it’s good to know all the specs that this knew smartphone brings to the industry. Let’s take a look at what the X has got for us. Technical specs of the […]

iOS11 Underway: Apple ad-blocker and advertisers rebellion

Apple announced the introduction of its ad-blocker on safari in June this year. With iOS11 underway, the Intelligent Tracking Prevention is going to be more robust. Advertisers are concerned. Tracking is fundamental to online advertisers: thanks to the navigation and other data collected by browser cookies, these online advertisers can easily target Internet users. The […]

Apple’s Keynote is on 12th September 2017: What to expect

Apple's Logo

The invitations are being launched for Apple’s next keynote, which will be held on September 12, 2017 in a brand new conference room, the Steve Jobs Theater. Will the highly anticipated iPhone 8 be unveiled? What would Apple be announcing? Let’s see what might be on display. A tribute to Steve Jobs For its next […]

The iPod: a journey from birth to death

Apple's logo

Did you think the iPod was not getting much attention as other Apple products and as a result was going extinct? That’s true – techies and Apple enthusiasts knew that the iPod would surely die. But they never saw Apple speeding up the extinction of its own product. Well, that’s what is happening – Apple […]