Shelley: the MIT AI that writes horror stories

MIT has developed an AI horror story writer called Shelley The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working extensively on artificial intelligence, applying it to several areas of our lives from the home to the office. In September, MIT announced its collaboration with IBM for the development of a joint research laboratory on artificial intelligence. The […]

IBM and MIT create a joint research laboratory on artificial intelligence

Whiles people like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk get the name and publicity for arguing continuously about what Artificial Intelligence would and wouldn’t do, there are researchers who are on the ground working tirelessly to bring AI to life, making sure that the best innovation in the field becomes fruitful while still protecting society. As […]

How to decide which drone is best for you

image of a drone

When they first made their debut in the commercial world, Drones were really costly. As time went on – with increased technology advancement, the price of drones has reduced. You can even get a drone that comes at $40. What does this mean? It means there isn’t a better time for you to own a […]

DeepMoji: An AI that attributes emotional emojis to a message.


DeepMoji is an artificial intelligence created by MIT and trained to associate emotional emojis with a message. This new AI would be able to recognize happy, sad, or sarcastic messages as you type them – and then associate the words with an appropriate emoji. Understanding the intricacies of a message is not always obvious to […]