Sony launches limited edition snowboard

From the Xperia to the Vaio computers to the PlayStation, Sony has gradually implanted itself in many homes and offices across the globe. It has armed itself with the best of technology, surviving the Japanese market and transcending borders with its innovation.

Created in 1994 by the Japanese company Sony, the PlayStation 1 knew how to emulate enough to become the console of video games that we know today. And to say that it could have met with some of its sisters, including those inventions that also failed like the Apple Pipp! N console attempt for example, and survived, was a surprise.

But with offbeat and sometimes strange advertisements, Sony managed to get a place in the middle of the competition. Despite the fact that the brand and its console have not been successful, PlayStation has created a craze that continues forever. Recently, The Verge announced that the brand was going to release a snowboard that recalls its first console.

To create this board, Sony has teamed up with the Never Summer winter sports and water sports brand. The snowboard resumes rigorously the aesthetics of Sony’s first console: the gray slate, the large buttons “Power” and “Open” and the PlayStation logo in color. The firm has published 100 boards in limited edition, each of which will be sold at a price of $ 500.

PlayStation publishes a lot of goodies that come in different colors: mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, key-rings … But so far, it has never ventured into the beautiful snowboard world.

Gamers, snowboard enthusiasts, and Sony lovers should be happy to have something new from such a good company. This time, if you are a gamer, you need to get out there, go to the snowboarding field, and create fun.

But will the price be good for many snowboarding enthusiasts? Well, if it delivers on its promises, then the price is worth it.