Snap Map: the new Snapchat feature that will locate your friends

Since its inception, Snapchat has marveled the entire social media scene. Right from photo snaps to stories, it has even seen some of the biggest names in social media copying the inventions of Snap Chat. Surprisingly, the company seems not to have a stop to its stunning and always surprising features – this time it’s the Snap Map from Zenly.

The American giant Snapchat bought a nugget of French Tech in May, namely Zenly, a startup that specializes in using geographical locational parameters to locate people.
Zenly offers a really nice solution to geolocate your friends and family at any time, whether they are right next door or on the other side of the world. And this is how Zenly as a company, sums up what it does:  have you already missed a crazy night? Lost your friends at a festival, on the beach or on the slopes? Spent too much time trying to get to an appointment? It’s all over. With Zenly, you can follow all your loved ones, whether they’re right next door or on the other side of the world.

Snap Map is what Zenly and Snap Chat is going to use

Snap Chat saw an opportunity to offer a completely new and really fun service and decided to dig into its own wallet to buy Zenly and integrate its technologies into a functionality called: Snap Map.

The objectives of Snapchat in making this purchase is obviously to bring a little more fun and strengthen the social bond between people. Zenly, on the other hand, does not mean to put all its eggs in the same basket and will, therefore, continue to exist as an independent application, with its own functionalities both on Android and iOS. This merger will also pave way for both companies to advance in development and the integration of new functionalities.

On Snap Map, as you can see on the video at the end of the article, just click on the avatar of a friend present on the map to access his snap. For those concerned about their privacy, it is obviously possible to block geolocation, to grant it temporarily and to grant this type of possibility only to a small group of friends.

Be rest assured that your ex will not be able to follow you and your boss will not know that you are not sick today.