Shelley: the MIT AI that writes horror stories

MIT has developed an AI horror story writer called Shelley

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working extensively on artificial intelligence, applying it to several areas of our lives from the home to the office. In September, MIT announced its collaboration with IBM for the development of a joint research laboratory on artificial intelligence. The goal of the MIT-IBM Watson AI laboratory is to jointly evolve their mutual knowledge of AI in order to grow its key areas. For starters, MIT has found a new AI application extremely useful: Shelley,  for the writing of horror stories. That’s a perfect AI to celebrate Halloween.

Going by the name Shelley, the new artificial intelligence owes its pseudonym to Mary Shelley, the author of the famous Frankenstein. Its purpose is simple: to create stories and in fact, scary ones. The AI posts a new story every hour on Twitter. Moreover, it can be helped by users of the social network, who can directly interact with the AI to reinforce the creation of more horror stories. Please, that doesn’t make you a Co-Author of any horror story written by Shelley.

One of the project’s researchers, Pinar Yanardhag says Shelley has been given a sort of training on more than 140,000 horror stories using the popular Reddit website and is able to generate random snippets based on what she has learned, or continue a story with a text. The team also expects Shelley to inspire people to write the weirdest and scariest horror stories ever. If you like the NoSleep section on Reddit, then you will also love the stories created by Shelley.

MIT also taught Shelley that these stories are the result of a collaboration between human and artificial intelligence, and thus, allows the AI to continue stories that are started by users. To contribute to one of the stories, all a user has to do is to simply post a tweet with your story followed by #yourturn, so that the AI integrates the novelties of the story and responds. Finally, the user must close the last tweet with the hashtag #theend, and your story will be continued by the AI.

Be careful, however, Shelley only writes in English.

Source: Digital Trends