Security giant McAfee re-launched, escaping from Intel’s Shadow

Global security giant McAfee made it clear to the world on the 4th of April it has begun a new era, now as a stand-alone firm focusing its energy on fighting internet threats.

According to Christopher Young, CEO of McAfee, cyber security is the greatest issue in the online age, putting a heavy burden on executives, parents, and the entire globe. He added that a stand-alone firm having its own aims and objectives will have the guts to use technology to bring people together, and at the same time help eliminate the canker this same technology seems to bring to society.

The launch of the rebranded McAfee, established the closing of the earlier investment by Intel Corp and TPG, to institute a robust cyber security firm that has the required technology, the right amount of capital. Also, McAfee declared that through a simple agreement with TPG, Thoma Bravo, an established private equity investment company has equally become part of the deal as a minority investor.

Intel is keeping 49 percent of equity in the new brand. With the coming of the new partners, the company hopes to offer a more robust market, build a high-tech platform, and focus on new operational, financial, and technological investments as a way of getting an upper hand in solving the myriad of cyber security threats that mare the online world.

The chairman of the board is Bryan Taylor of TPG whiles Chris Young, SVP and General Manager of Intel, takes over the leadership position of the new Intel.  With this team in place, the company plans to develop, deploy, and integrate industry-standard security, improve on privacy technologies, and make their system more secure for the world.

McAfee is a global brand that has been in operation for 30 years. It has gained reputation for collaboration, innovation, and trust.  And with these new developments, McAfee will do more in the security sector: bring robust security solutions and protect organisations against any sort of cyber-attack.

Just within one year, over 30 companies have integrated or have had the aim of integrating with the Data Exchange Layer of McAfee, the industry-endorsed and standardized real-time communication tool providing better and high-tech interactions.