Samsung plans to release a foldable smartphone in 2018 – the Surround Speaker is also underway.

During a press conference, Samsung Mobile president Koh Dong-jin announced that the South Korean firm would release a smartphone with a flexible display screen in 2018, provided it is able to overcome all the technical obstacles that the firm encounters.

Flexible smartphone in 2018: will it be possible?

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, Samsung announced that in 2018, a foldable smartphone would be marketed in its Galaxy Note range. However, according to Koh Dong-jin, President of Samsung Mobile, before launching a smartphone with a flexible display screen, several obstacles will have to be dealt with, which could delay the launch of the device.

According to the vice president, the product will only be launched in time, if they manage to solve the problems still prevailing. However, he did not specify the nature of the difficulties encountered by the South Korean firm. According to analysts, mass producing a thin foldable phone with the technological features consumers expect, will take time.

Samsung Surround Speaker: still no specific release date

Koh also said that Samsung is currently working with Harman (acquired in 2016 by Samsung), which specializes in audio equipment, to develop a smart loudspeaker that users can control by voice to play music or perform other duties. The acquisition of Harman, a Connecticut-based company in the United States, is part of Samsung’s strategy to position itself in the emerging market of connected cars.

Amazon and Google have already released their own voice-activated speakers, Apple should follow soon and launch its own Homepod later in the year. In contrast, Samsung has not yet provided a release date for its speaker, which we expect to use its own voice assistant, Bixby.

All of these announcements took place at a press conference during which Koh introduced the Galaxy Note 8 to the South Korean media. An opportunity to boast about sales figures: 650,000 pre-orders were recorded. The Galaxy Note 8 is the most expensive smartphone Samsung has ever sold, its price starts at 930 dollars in the United States.