Samsung 360 Round, the high-end camera of choice.

If you want to see what a high-end 360-degree camera looks like, the latest product from Samsung will give you a great idea. With 17 lenses, the new Samsung 360 Round Camera is designed for VR content creation and 360-degree video capturing. It’s a camera designed to help you do a lot of things – capture the memories of a wedding or a party or record an entire corporate presentation.

Check the general specs of the new camera.

  • The camera comes with 6 microphones
  • It has a resolution of 4.096 x 2.048 pixels
  • It captures 30 frames per second
  • It has 2 megapixels and 17 lenses
  • 16 camera lenses are positioned horizontally and one vertically
  • It’s waterproof

Samsung’s new Camera clearly targets a professional audience and seasoned enthusiasts. Compared with the 16 megapixels offered by modern smartphones, we can easily think that 2 megapixels are not enough. But let’s not forget that this is the resolution of videos and not photos and that 2 megapixels still remains a correct resolution for VR content today.

Despite its high energy consumption, the 360 Round comes without a fan, a truly big selling point. The weight of the camera has been reduced to 1.93 kilograms from previous ones.

Samsung 360 Round, a camera designed for demanding shooting conditions

Samsung 360 Round is a waterproof camera, IP65 certified. It can, therefore, be used in humid environments and in the rain without any future issues.

Connectors have been provided to help users operate the camera with external devices: a microphone (possibly connected remotely) can be used as well. This is particularly convenient if the camera is filming a debate or a conference: thus the microphones can be closer to stakeholders. To have more storage space, you can connect an external hard drive to the camera as well.

Samsung 360 Round had been in development since November 2014, when Samsung first spoke about it publicly (at its annual developer conference) and even made a visual presentation, whose resemblance to the finished product is surprisingly close.