Rule your eSports and PC game with the Radeon TM RX560

AMD has brought to the market its new device, the Radeon TM RX560. A device that will give you the opportunity to experience excellence and speed in PC and eSports gaming. This is an added spec in terms of performance to the dedicated PC gamer.

This new hardware is a midrange graphics card based on the Baffin Graphics processor and built on the 14nm process. With Polaris architecture, this hardware comes with future-ready pixels and 1080p smoothness.

This device is recommended for gamers because of its high resolution, dual card slots, and excellent display features.

A summary of the more technical specs is given below

  • It has support for Direct x 12.0
  • A Baffin Graphics chip with an area of 123mm2 and 3000 million transistors
  • GPU operates at a rate of 1175 MHz, with the opportunity to be increased to 1275MHz.
  • Shading units of 1024, mapping units of 64, and ROPs of 16
  • Display outputs of 1xDVI, 1x Display port
  • The interface of this device is made up of the PCIe3.0x8
  • The measurement of the card comes at 170mm in length

Apart from its energy in producing mind-blowing effects in PC gaming, the device does not require an additional power connector and draws power at a maximum frequency of 75W. it also has a cooling system with dual slots.

A sneak peak at some of the more non-technical specs that you would love as a gamer.

  • Memory: Graphics Features
  • Size of Memory: 4096 MB Direct X: 12.0
  • Type of Memory: GDDRS O-penGL: 4.5
  • Memory Bus: 128 bit OpenCL: 2.2
  • Bandwidth: 112.0 GB/s Shader Model: 5.0

There haven’t been reviews of this device yet. However, we will update you on when actual reviews are posted.