Pico Goblin: Autonomous and Ultraportable VR Headset

Like many players who have embarked on the adventure of virtual reality, you may feel constrained by many aspects, such as the presence of wire, the need to have a compatible PC or smartphone or simply the price. If this is the case, the new Pico Goblin helmet should come in handy.

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The Pico Goblin helmet designed by Pico Interactive has pioneered a number of market players such as HTC or Google for example, as it offers consumers much more than consumers expect, with a stand-alone headset, All-in-one that eliminates the PC, smartphone and especially wires. This virtual reality headset will even be cheaper than most VR headphones at the moment, so it offers a real innovation at a small price.

Who said consumers aren’t interested in Virtual Reality? But why do they shy away from it? That’s because the VR headphones are expensive. That’s why Pico interactive, in a bid to give the ordinary VR lover a headphone that they can use. The amazing part of this new device is that whiles it comes at a cheaper price, it is packed with high performance, less wires, and is a masterpiece of portability.

The Pico Goblin was created with the user in mind – its innovative design gives users instant access to games, applications and RV videos. It is a completely stand-alone and ultraportable device. Unlike other VR helmets currently on the market, Pico Goblin offers unmatched freedom of play anywhere and at any time.

What to expect from the VR Pico Goblin helmet

In fact this helmet offers a 5.5 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 in 2.5K, which is a very good quality especially when we address the issue of the quality / price ratio. The Pico Goblin has a refresh rate of 70Hz and a field view of 92 °.


The Pico Interactive virtual reality headset features a Qualcomm 821 Snapdragon processor, 3G high-speed memory, 16GB EMMC Flash storage, and expandable storage via an SD card up to 128GB. The Headphone comes with its 3DOF controller (three Degrees of Freedom) and a head-tracker. The Goblin is completely autonomous, carrying a battery of 3500 mAh, providing approximately 2h30 of autonomy.

If this headset seems to meet your needs, know that it is already available in pre-order for $249. To make you wait for 6 to 8 weeks of delivery time, Pico Interactive offers 5 games to all pre-orders. At the time of the launch, the company ensures that the catalog of games will contain about fifty titles and that the latter will grow month after month. So it’s a great opportunity to get into virtual reality, playing anytime, anywhere!