PayPal finally accepted on the App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes!

Integration of third party software natively into Apple’s systems – App Store, Mac, and even on the iPhone, has not always been easy. The same goes for online payment platforms. Since Apple has its own payment platform, why would it need to integrate other payment services? After all, that’s inviting real competition.

This time, however, Apple is geared towards giving the customer more options. And that’s why Apple has integrated PayPal as a payment option on its platforms. The announcement was made on the 12th of July, 2017. Thus, users of the payment service (PayPal) will be able to find it on the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, or even iBooks. The integration is not global yet and covers just a few countries for now.

This is a list of the countries where the Apple integration of PayPal features is available for now: the United Kingdom, Austria, United States, France, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain.

In the configuration of the means of payment on macOS and iOS, the user can link his Apple ID to his PayPal account. Thus, a user can change their default payment method from Apple Pay to PayPal in the settings. Once the registration is made, future purchases using the Apple ID can be automatically processed.  Users are no longer limited to only Apple Pay when buying Apps from the App Store. Be it subscriptions or in-app purchases, users can easily make payment with their PayPal wallet.

In addition, with the launch of PayPal One Touch in 2015, integration won’t be a problem, and users will be able to purchase objects from Apple TV or even Apple Watch with a single click. The One Touch technology’s main purpose is to fast-track payments on PayPal (mobile or web), where users can bypass the login screen of PayPal after their first use provided they are still inside the same browser and device. This One Touch technology is also behind the integration of PayPal into Apple, meaning you can also skip the password screen whenever you buy something from the App Store.

As a newly integrated payment platform on iOS Mobile devices, the move is surely an advantageous one for PayPal. For users, that also signifies more options on the table when it comes to making online payments.