PAIR, Google’s research program on Man and Artificial Intelligence

Should artificial intelligence be an end or a means? A central issue that the PAIR program is bringing on board. PAIR is the acronym for People + AI Research initiative. In short, Google wants to put man back at the heart of the Artificial Intelligence development process.

Google’s PAIR program is divided into three parts. All the parts cover as many useful aspects of AI and its relationship with man as possible. The first will deal with engineers and researchers. Indeed, it is by these men that this intelligence is built, so as to make these machines accessible to them. This part of the program will try to find solutions to help these researchers and engineers build easily understandable machines. It would also help them understand how to make this knowledge of AI easily transmissible, as well as how to popularize it.

Another part of the program will concern the work environment, namely how Artificial Intelligence can help professionals in their work. Doctors, technicians, farmers or musicians, and as in many fields as possible.

The third part of this program will focus on the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life and will thus make AI appear as a means.

Google's PAIR

By using open source means in this program, Google gives the public a chance to see its vision of AI.  That it does not see Artificial Intelligence as just a technology but more as a composite material in the making. A material that would be used in the construction of other projects by other people, and integrated into our human and work systems.

Facet Overview and Facet Dive are two visualization open source tools that perfectly illustrate the thinking path of Google in this field. Indeed, these applications are intended for AI engineers and give an overview of the machine learning process.

In the meantime, the months and years to come will show whether men and AI will respond to PAIR research outcomes…