North Korea now has its own smartphone.

North Korea does not cease to innovate. The Proof is, Kim Jong-un and his supporters have just announced the launch of a new electronic device, and more specifically a smartphone: the Jindallae 3. It is described as a “multifunctional” device. No doubt, the revolution is on the march.

Though the phone is touted as a “multifunctional device”, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The phone is endowed with neat finishes. It consists of two glass plates firmly held by a metal frame with delicately rounded edges.

The ergonomics of the device is relatively basic for its part and its manufacturer – a North Korean box named Mangyondae – has thus chosen to place the two buttons of the volume on the right edge and the power button is located on the other side, above the SIM card door.

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To complete the painting, the Jindallae 3 also has a fourth physical button on the front part of the screen. Framed with two capacitive buttons, it incorporates a fingerprint reader to facilitate the identification process.

Unfortunately, the North Korean national news agency did not detail the technical data of the phone or even give details on the onboard platform. The visuals are equally nothing out of the ordinary. The smartphone’s core features are not even that clear yet as authorities have surprisingly not wished to expand on the issue yet.

A “multifunction” phone for leisure and everyday life

Mangyondae describes his phone as the flagship of North Korean technology and the company thus welcomes its innovative functions.

According to its representatives, Jindallae 3 is entitled to what is best now and is designed for both leisure and business. As long as they correspond to the vision imposed by the government, of course.

North Korea’s consumers will have the choice of color, so they can opt for the black version or the white version. The latter does not miss any charm and it is entitled to a beautiful frame tinted in a delicate pink.