Mozilla Firefox’s Three New Features: What can they do for you.

After the acquisition of Pocket in March, the open source browser Mozilla Firefox continues to grow. While version 57, or Mozilla Firefox Quantum, will officially be released on November 14, the browser continues the race against its main competitor, Google Chrome. In a post recently published on its blog, Mozilla has announced the three features available on version 56. The last 3 updates concern screenshots, sending tabs and auto-completion of forms.

The screenshot

mozilla's screenshot feature

The first update concerns the addition of screenshots or screenshot functionality. To use it, simply mark the icon present in the toolbar: it consists of a pair of scissors and a dotted frame. Just click on it and select the area of the screen to capture, and then click on save to save your screenshot to your preferred destination.


The user can then download the capture or copy and paste the generated URL, in case of potential sharing. Basically, the screenshot is saved online for 2 weeks, and will automatically be deleted after that. However, there is an option that allows you to change the expiration date.

Send Tabs

This second feature allows you to directly send a tab or a link, without having to copy it and send it by email. When you right-click on a tab, the text “Send tabs to device” is displayed and the user is required to choose the device in question. Mozilla specifies that Send Tabs works both between two mobiles and between two computers and that the data transfer is encrypted.


The last feature is the forms in the text fields that allow users to fill out forms easily. Now, Mozilla automatically saves previous forms data in “Saved Addresses” (available in Options) to complete future forms directly. It is also possible to register several addresses (home, work, etc.) and synchronize them with all devices.

Even if these features are not to be considered a big change, they will save users time.
Source: The Next Web