Microsoft drops its mobile operating system

Microsoft has made its mind to finally say goodbye to its operating system on mobile. Though the decision might not be easy, it was made after the firm took into consideration a lot of facts, its market, and users, as well as developers.

But if you are using a windows phone, you’ll not be left unsupported. Microsoft will continue to support existing devices with security updates and bug fixes. But it does not foresee any new features or new devices under Windows 10 Mobile.
Faced with iOS and Android, Microsoft has never actually been at the competing edge with its mobile operating system. It’s been a while since we’ve heard about whether Microsoft is updating or just leaving it. And on 9th October 2017, the firm finally and officially announced the drop of the mobile operating system.

On Twitter, Joe Belfiore, who is the head of the “Tablet and Mobile PC” division, said Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 mobile devices by fixing bugs and security. However, we should not expect new features or new devices.

With this tweet, Joe Belfiore signs the death sentence of Microsoft’s mobile OS. The tech giant seemed to have had a rough experience with Windows Phone. But with Windows 10 Mobile, she had more hope of a brighter future. Yet still, competition is dwindling this OS too down.

According to Belfiore, Microsoft has done everything to attract developers. But it seems that the volume of users of Windows on mobile is always too small to interest content creators (and it is the content that attracts users).

joe from microsoft

With Windows 10 mobile, Microsoft had proposed to developers to create universal applications, which run on both mobile and PC. Tools such as Xamarin were also proposed, in order to allow developers to code on several platforms (including Windows 10) at a time. But the strategy, which at the time seemed promising, was not effective.

Microsoft isn’t completely abandoning the mobile

And failing to have a popular operating system, Microsoft is trying today to make its applications popular on both Android and iOS.

Recently, the firm announced the arrival of the Microsoft Edge browser on these two OS. And for Android, it also offers Microsoft Launcher, which allows users to have a feel of Windows 10 and better synchronization between mobile and PC.