Microsoft abandons its Outlook Premium offer for Office 365

From one angle, it’s like Microsoft hasn’t seen a smooth run this 2017. It seems the tech giant is giving up on a lot of things, where it even recently gave up Windows on phone. So what is it this time? Surely another sacrifice.

Due to a lack of public success, Microsoft announced on 1st November, the abandonment of its Outlook Premium offer for Office 365.

This decision seems rather surprising from Microsoft, which is doing pretty well with its Outlook mailbox. February 2017 was a month during which Outlook underwent several major changes, including the opening of the platform to third-party applications and most importantly, the integration of Cortana. This new feature is particularly useful because it allowed users to receive notifications based on their email analytics on multiple devices. Amazon had also recognized the power of Cortana’s integration with email and thus accepted a partnership between Alexa and Cortana.

Despite its successes, Microsoft seems not to be happy with its unsuitable messaging platform and thus has announced its removal already. Launched in 2016, Outlook Premium offered a package of $ 49 a year to help users to take advantage of an ad-free mailbox and multiple email addresses with custom domain names.

In a post on the company’s blog, Microsoft announced that the features offered through its Premium offer would now be available on Office 365, provided you subscribe to a Family or Personal account. When deployed, Offers will Include “Advertising-Free Inbox, Enhanced Protection against Malware and Phishing, Larger Mailbox Sizes, and Superior Customer Service”

Also, the custom domain support in Outlook Premium will be available only to users who are already customers. Microsoft says the Premium offer is now closed to new subscribers. The firm says it will continue to take care of the custom domains of existing subscribers, but is working to transfer them to other providers.

Source: The Verge.