Meet ClearWin, a Germaphobe’s Savior

Ramps of escalators, doors to shopping malls, public transportation systems (buses, trains, etc.). These are places where microbes are created, live, and die. If you had a microscopic view you would feel like never touching anything in these places. To fight against this microbial ‘population’, Innotek from LG and Clearwin has developed a sterilizer that can kill up to 99.99% of the germs thanks to UV (UltraViolet light). The sterilizer is called ClearWin.


How does it work?

According to these companies, germs would be completely destroyed by the presence of the Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). The companies claim that this is the best, and first of its kind in the world and would perform wonders.
The process? Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) – is a process that is used for the first time in a general public perspective. The UVGI, according to the South Korean electronics manufacturer, blocks any source of infection by completely destroying the DNA of the germs with a UV LED light that comes with a wavelength of 278 nano meters. Harmless to the human body, the use of UV can destroy microorganisms by disrupting their DNA. It is a process that is often used to disinfect air, aquariums, and laboratories.

With an easy and simple installation process, ClearWin works with a Dynamo-style motor that generates electricity thanks to the escalator bearings. LG says the sterilizer has been approved by the South Korean authorities and the European Union.

Well, let’s wait and see how ClearWin would perform in the real world. And especially how pricey it would be. On a good side, however, this is a good invention. Who wouldn’t want to be protected against all the germs that live and thrive in public places?

If you feel uncomfortable visiting places like public parks, restaurants, schools, the gym, theaters and shopping malls, then you should cross fingers for ClearWin’s success in the markets.