Major improved specs of the New Surface Pro from Microsoft

The new Surface Pro Tablet cum Laptop device was announced on Tuesday. Microsoft has made it clear that this 5th generation device has seen a major, though not a complete redesign in terms of hardware, software, and design. And on a closer look, the new surface pro is not that much different from its predecessor.

If you were really after a major and complete redesign, then I’m sorry you aren’t going to get that. Nevertheless, Microsoft has surely made major improvements that should add something in terms of performance and looks to the new surface pro. Let’s check them out.

A more improved battery

Microsoft has made major improvements to the new Surface’s battery, which now boasts 13.5 hours of battery life, coming at 50% greater in battery life than its predecessor and 35% higher in battery life than its rival, the iPad Pro from Apple.

A better processor

The processor for the new Surface Pro has equally been upgraded. The new device features a processor that is 2.5 times higher in terms of performance than the Surface Pro 3 and 1.7 times higher in computational performance than Apple’s iPad Pro.

Improvement in fan – noise reduced

The new Surface Pro that makes use of Core i5 and m3 7th generational chips are fanless. Maybe Microsoft has decided to do more work on noise. Even the core i7 model of the new surface which rather comes with a fan is equally not noisy.

Work on resolution

There have been some improvements in screen resolution when compared to the previous surface pro. The new one comes with a very high screen resolution of 2735 x 1824 and a 267-pixel inch. This means that the New Surface Pro’s resolution is 50% higher than a MacBook of 12 Inches. The new display features were made possible as a result of Microsoft’s PixelSense Accelerator that is touted as a technology that makes precise and vibrant colors.

An improved Pen sensitivity

Major improvements have also been made to the Surface pen – coming in four different colors and sold separately from the Surface Pro. This time, the pen features 4,096 of pressure points and performs four times faster and more sensitive than the old Microsoft pen. This pen also features a 21-millisecond latency, and we can gladly conclude that it’s getting closer to providing users the same experience as in an analog pen on paper. Drawing will become more fun for the artists.

Support for LTE coming soon

Lightness and thinness still remained with the new Surface Pro. It is 1.7 pounds light and 8.5 mm thin. – And will support LTE sometime later this 2017.

Right from battery life to screen resolution to pen sensitivity, the new Surface Pro is different, better, and more robust than the Surface 3.