Mailchimp launches campaign creation on its mobile application.

Since its inception in 2001, Mailchimp has risen to become the best software that has added the DIY culture to email marketing. The platform now boasts of over 16 million businesses and individuals, all creating their email campaigns with ease.

While the tool has established itself as a preferred platform for creating campaigns and sending newsletters, MailChimp continues to evolve.

After releasing its mobile Marketing Automation features, the platform now offers users the ability to create campaigns directly from their smartphones. From an iOS or Android device, it is now possible to build an email with ease.

The tool built into the application is similar to the one that can be used on desktop. Colors, images, text … everything can be personalized. So if you are a mailchimp user, there’s no need to be confused because the features are similar, and just as you use it on desktop, you can do the same from your mobile device.

MailChimp also offers a connection to Dropbox or Google Drive to help you retrieve the necessary elements. If you use integration with Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce, it will also be very easy to add products directly into the campaign builder.  As with the classic tool, at the end of the elaboration of the emailing, a checklist will verify that no element has been forgotten.

Perhaps, the email automation giant has realized that many users would like to create campaigns on the go. The world is equally now in the era of mobile, and if you have a web-based system without a fully-fledged mobile platform, then you are bound to be ditched by consumers. That’s why MailChimp has made things easier on mobile.

In its update, MailChimp also added new features for the mobile dashboard. The application has three navigation tabs to better monitor its statistics.

Immediately you have the App on your phone, you can go to the “Create Campaign” icon. Clicking that will give you a whole lot of templates for you to make a choice. From there, you can personalize your campaigns with images and texts to suit your brand.

Updates can also be done on your mobile device. Simple settings, including subject lines, campaign names, email addresses, and lists, can all be updated on your mobile device.

Email marketing just got easier.