Livetsream presents its new Mevo Plus camera for live video.

After signing its acquisition by Vimeo, Livestream launches the new Mevo Plus camera for live broadcasts. Though the basic features are more or less the same, the Mevo Plus camera, however, benefits from a better scope and some optimizations in terms of connectivity.

While it was competing with Netflix for a streaming service for movies and series, as well as original creations, the company Vimeo has finally abandoned this plan and preferred to focus on the Live streaming sector. Nearly a month ago, the company announced the launch of its live video streaming service in addition to the acquisition of Livestream, a live internet specialist. Livestream is known for its software, services, and cameras and will no doubt be of help to Vimeo.

Though Vimeo has been in the field for some time now, the company’s most famous product is the Mevo camera. In essence, it is a small camera that allows users to broadcast professional quality videos live on social networks. In terms of real-time editing, the Mevo Plus offers much the same functionality as the old Mevo camera. However, Livestream has improved features and performance and equally increased overall quality, making live streaming more fun.

Users can now enjoy a live stream which spans a distance of 30 meters, which is 5 times more than the old model; that’s a major improvement. In addition to this, the company evokes an improvement in the data transfer capabilities of the camera, thanks to the 2×2 MIMO antennas and a better connectivity in general. In the United States, this small camera is sold at 499 dollars. As for the old model, its price has been revised downwards, it now costs $ 299.

No matter the occasion; a wedding, a party, a graduation, your yoga lesson, or a cooking lesson, you can use Mevo Plus to live stream for any audience.