LinkedIn deploys the “active” status feature: know the availability of your connections.

LinkedIn is on a journey to making its platform better for the individual and for brands. It wasn’t long when the professional social media platform introduced its website analytics feature. And now, it’s coming your way with a messaging feature.

The professional social platform, has announced a feature that will concern its messaging. In the next few weeks, you will see a green badge next to the profile picture of your connections. This green badge will mean that the person is active and available to enter into a conversation.

This badge can be disabled if you decide not to be disturbed. But for that, you will have to go through the parameters of your profile and uncheck the functionality.


LinkedIn had already improved its messaging on mobile by proposing pre-made answers called “Conversation Starters“. One way to break the ice and start a conversation after a connection between two users. It is true that for a professional social network, live conversation, other than the commitments on the classic publications (mentions, likes, sharing, and comments), is a key data to enhance the platform.

In order to connect, build relationships and network, it requires deep conversations. And LinkedIn, after watching professionals for so many years, has realized the importance of conversations and the need, therefore, to make messaging easier.


In order to chat with your friends, family, or co-workers on social media, it’s always good to know when they are available. Previously, you wouldn’t know whether your connection has time for a chat or not. With this new feature. You are able to identify the times your connection is online so you can start a conversation.

This is not just to help you chat anyhow. As a professional social media platform, LinkedIn takes pride in the career prospects of its members. As such, this feature is coming to help professionals connect with brands and open up conversations that would lead to a successful career.