LG’s ProBeam: a laser projector that stuns

The ProBeam laser projector from LG was first introduced at CES in the earlier part of this year. The projector comes as a compact, not-so-expensive, and handy device that will appeal to people with a knack for big screens or large-covered presentations.

that’s the ProBeam at CES this year.

For clearer images, the technology behind laser projection is the best. It’s unlike the conventional projection technology that has to do with switching bulbs that sometimes come at a very expensive price. LG’s ProBeam on the other hand comes with 8 hours of battery life a day – and you can use it for up to 7 years without having to replace any lamp or bulb.


ProBeam has stunning features

This is a device that has all the features you would need from a laser projector. Apart from the laser projection technology, that makes this device a good fit for high-screen presentations. Its features also makes it possible to lighten and produce strong beams, no matter the state of the background.

Checkout the features:

  • The device weighs in at 2.1 Kg or 4.6 Ib, making it very light.
  • The projector can diagonally produce an image size that reaches 120 inches or 305 cm.
  • It emits about 2,000 lumens of glowing-light
  • It comes fitted with mirroring of wireless screens
  • it comes with USB ports for easy connectivity
  • Can be connected to a device through Bluetooth
  • The webOS Smart TV system is part of this device, giving users a simple access to different types of streaming services.
  • Users can control this projector with the help of a phone App.
  • It also has the Keystone alignment characteristic that makes sure that any form of image distortion on the screen is corrected.

The ProBeam shows LG’s commitment to producing cutting-edge technologies. Apart from its smartphones, LG’s line of goods, just like Korea’s giant Samsung, are excellent right from television sets to projectors.