IOS 11: release date and all the new features with the Apple OS

We bring you all the specs that the new iOS brings into our new Apple Devices.

Release date of iOS 11

No specific release date has been officially released by Apple. The OS will be released at the same time as the release of the next smartphones of the brand, including the iPhone 8, in autumn 2017. iOS 11 was presented by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) To developers on June 5, 2017. The first beta version of iOS 11 is already available for developers. Many updates will take place before the official release.

IOS 11: new or upgraded features announced by Apple.

Siri improved

The New interface of Apple’s virtual assistance will be proposing several answers as well as the translation of sentences in several languages. Siri will also be able to adapt to the context (search on Safari or Plan, for example) to reveal relevant suggestions. In addition, phrasing will be more natural, less robotic. A choice will now be possible between a woman’s voice or a man’s voice.

 Live Photos

New options will be available on Live Photos. It will be possible to transform the photos into a video loop and add effects, such as the boomerang.

 App Store

The application store has been reworked to resemble the Apple Music presentation. Every day, an application will be highlighted on the home screen, to promote discovery.

Control Center

The Control Center interface, accessible from the bottom of the screen, has been completely revised. Most of the controls are on one page at the bottom of the screen. The driver will also be compatible with 3D Touch, allowing an even more fluid use.


Apple’s geolocation application will now have “indoor” maps for public places like airports or shopping centers.


iMessages will now be accessible from any Apple device. They will be stored directly on the iCloud.

Drag and drop

iOS 11 will finally drag-and-drop between two applications in split vision. This will make it much easier to transfer files, images or text.

Reality increased

Apple unveiled, at the WWDC, ARKit. It is a new developer platform dedicated to augmented reality. This will open new possibilities in the field of 3D creation.

 Do Not Disturb While Driving

Your iPhone will now detect if you are driving (using Bluetooth or motion sensors) and will automatically prevent notifications from appearing. This new feature follows a collective complaint filed against Apple following numerous car accidents caused by the use of smartphones while driving.

Dark Mode

The Long-awaited dark mode is not present on the first beta version of iOS 11. Nevertheless, some users have discovered an option called “intelligent inversion”. A screen with darker shades. Unfortunately, this is only available on some applications.

That’s all there is to know about the new iOS 11 for now.