If you post too many links a day, Facebook will penalize you now.

What exactly was social media created for? To facilitate engagement, give us the opportunity to share our experiences with friends and family, market our brands, and reach a larger audience at once.

These goals are, however, not the current goals of our social media platforms, as these platforms have become avenues for inappropriate content. In the wake of so many issues, including sharing sex-oriented content on social media, as well as recent issues on fake news, Facebook says ‘enough is enough’. Those who post too much would be penalized.

This time, the social media giant attacks those who publish too many links on their social media networks, specifically on Facebook. According to Facebook, their research shows that there is a small group of people on the social network who consistently share many publications and links per day, which spam the flow of genuine content.

Well, Facebook wouldn’t get so worked up on over-sharing. What the social giant hates, however, is the deception that comes along with some of the over-shared content. Apart from users being greeted by fake news, most of the over-shared content constitute click baits, inappropriate ads, and misinformation. Therefore, Facebook has decided to give less influence to these ‘spammers’ by giving less priority to the links they share on the platform.

What is included and what is not

Facebook makes it clear that this measure concerns only links, not domains, pages, videos, photos or other activities on the platform. And this, of course, affects only individual profiles. Pages may continue to post at their usual frequencies.

However, some sites, whose links are often shared by individual profiles targeted at Facebook users, could see a drop in traffic generated on Facebook.

The number one social network does not indicate how many links per day a person posts to be considered a spammer.

The measure targets spam in general. But it is also an operation against “fake news”. Indeed, sites that specialize in fake news creation use false profiles to broadcast their links on Facebook groups several times, and they are going to be dealt with.

Caution: don’t post more than 20 links a day.