IBM and MIT create a joint research laboratory on artificial intelligence

Whiles people like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk get the name and publicity for arguing continuously about what Artificial Intelligence would and wouldn’t do, there are researchers who are on the ground working tirelessly to bring AI to life, making sure that the best innovation in the field becomes fruitful while still protecting society.

As IBM develops its artificial intelligence Watson to help doctors treat different types of cancer, the firm announced the beginning of a partnership with MIT. IBM is committed to investing $ 240 million over 10 years, with the goal of a joint laboratory called MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

This new collaboration between IBM and MIT should enable more than 100 researchers to jointly develop their knowledge on artificial intelligence. 4 key areas of the AI are in focus:

  • Development of algorithms
  • Creation of materials dedicated to these calculations or algorithms
  • Adaptation of AI capabilities to new and emerging industries
  • Evaluation of effects of AI on the entire society.
mit-ibm whatson lab

Thus, in addition to researchers working in the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, physicists, economists or even specialists in the high-tech market will also donate their skills. According to Dario Gil, vice president of science and technology at IBM Research center, the potential of this laboratory and what distinguishes it from others is the interdisciplinary nature of future research.

He also said that IBM should contribute significantly to open-source projects on artificial intelligence. The partnership should also work to make the artificial intelligence systems more versatile and, above all, more transparent, which would explain how they resonated to obtain a particular outcome or response.

MIT will also work with IBM Watson Health and Security in Cambridge, Massachusetts to continue to develop AI applications in health and safety.

Engadget said that this is not the first partnership between IBM and the Department of Cognitive and Brain Science of MIT, which have already collaborated last year. Currently two leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, the partnership between IBM and MIT looks promising.

Source: Engadget