Google’s new Jamboard has hit the market, receiving praises from enterprise collaboration experts, individuals, and institutions alike. What is it at all that makes it a game changer?

The Jamboard is a 55 inches digital whiteboard featuring a pen and touch input with Android and iOS compatible apps. It runs on the Nvidia Jetson TX1 processor with a resolution of 4k.

This is a game-changing enterprise-oriented collaboration device that features in three different colors with a stand just like your whiteboard marker’s stand but more stylish, innovative, and smooth.

Though this might not be a good area for Google to venture into, when it comes to innovative enterprise-oriented software, we can’t do away with Google, especially when we take a look at the G-Suite products it has successfully produced.

Jamboard didn’t just pop up from nowhere. It has gone through a series of testing with companies like Dow Jones, Google’s client, Pinterest, and Whirlpool. This is Google’s way of incorporating itself more into the world of business.

Jamboard comes as a services revenue business. The support and management of this digital whiteboard comes at $300 for early customers, and a general price of $600 a year. To access drive files on Jamboard, you will also need a G Suite plan.

It seems Google’s presence in the hardware industry is always interesting, the digital whiteboard is changing the scene for the better.