Google launches course to help kids avoid trolls and hackers

In order to teach children to ensure their own online security, Google has developed an educational program to their attention. In particular, it contains a game in which children have to thwart the plans of malicious Internet users.

Right from single individual computers to those of government and security agencies, hackers have always been the cause of many data breaches and a consequent loss of huge sums of money. Some hackers are just interested in selling the information they get to other third parties, others just want to patrol the online world and prove their ability to break into other computers. Whatever the reason maybe, a hacker is a hacker and needs to be stopped.

Who said that children could not defeat the biggest trolls and hackers? After all, no need to be an adult to achieve great things in tech – as a reminder, Mark Zuckerberg was only a child when he created his first instant messenger.
Google announced the launch of this educational program on June 6th, 2017, the aim of which is to familiarize younger people with certain security problems encountered on the web, such as phishing, cyber stalking or securing passwords. Dubbed ‘Be Internet Awesome’, the project aims to “help children make intelligent decisions online.”
It’s a combination of lessons and a video game

It includes a series of courses, as well as a video game called Interland. Produced with the help of teachers, videographers on YouTube and organizations specializing in security and literacy, the entire program is available free of charge.

Although it is aimed at a young audience, ‘Be Internet Awesome’ provides advice that could be useful to any Internet user: for example, how to limit the sharing of personal information online, create strong passwords or avoid Phishing attacks – a topical issue since Google Docs recently had to deal with viral phishing.

In order to make this learning fun, Interland sends children into an imaginary world where they have to thwart the plans of enemies who try to hack, intimidate or steal their personal data.

The courses have been approved by the International Society for Technology in Education. “Be Internet Awesome provides teachers and parents with tools they can use to help students learn about online security in a fun and engaging way,” said Carolyn Sykora, ISTE’s Director of Standards.

All in all, that hacker needs to be stopped. And the earlier the better.