Google has just transformed Gboard into Google of emojis.

Do you often use emojis in your social media posts? You will love this new feature of Google’s Gboard keyboard. Just make a drawing on Gboard and the keyboard will automatically suggest the emojis that correspond to this drawing.

In essence, when a user presses the pencil icon, he/she can make a drawing and the application will find the emojis that resemble this drawing. For example, if he draws a cat, Gboard will find him a cat emoji. This avoids browsing the emojis library of your smartphone and saves time.

Google never seems to be satisfied with surprising the world. From one invention to the other, the company is headed in the direction of simplifying the use of devices for the world. The new Gboard feature is reminiscent of an application called Autodraw launched by the tech giant earlier: the user makes a drawing and Google AI looks for a drawing that corresponds to it.
Suggestions for sentences and support for new languages

Suggestions for Emojis is not the only thing that is being included in the new Gboard feature though. The Google keyboard also now offers suggestions when the user starts a sentence. “Gboard now includes suggestions for phrases to predict what you plan to type next, and immediately you start typing something, the Gboard’s Keyboard will give you a list of suggestions and all you have to do is to pick the one you intended to type. However, for now, this feature is available only in English, but Google promises to add new languages as and when it deems appropriate.

Language support

Speaking of languages, the intelligent keyboard now supports more than 200. With this variety in the language type to use, you are at the liberty of choosing any language of your liking.

Additionally, Google has also added a novelty for searches, giving users the opportunity to perform normal searches with the Gboard. All these updates are available on version 6.3 of Gboard for Android.