Giphy: soon ad sponsored Gifs?

We’ve all done it, whether on Facebook, on Twitter or on any other social network or private chat: send a Gif. And if the debate rages on the question of how “Gif” is pronounced, what is certain is that sending Gif has become a habit. To do this, we use the Gifs search engine directly integrated with social networks.

Giphy is a Gifs search engine that allows you to search for Gifs created by web surfers, but for now, has no ads. According to TechCrunch, this could change very quickly, since the company would like to find a way to monetize its success.

Sponsored Gifs in Search Results

Giphy has not announced anything yet, but Techcrunch sources, in an article on July 31st, seem well informed that Giphy’s plan is to monetize its success. This is surely a major change of strategy since Giphy was for the moment a totally free search engine. But do not worry: there is no question of charging the user for gif searches.

Like ads that appear when searching on Google, for example, Giphy is thinking about allowing brands to highlight their gifs on specific keywords.

An example?  A Gif representing the popular fruit drink Motts, for instance, could appear as an ad sponsored gif when you search for the term “fruit”.

 200 million users per day is no small number

If Giphy decided, after four years of existence, to attempt monetization, it is for a simple reason: the search engine is used by 200 million people every day. A real user base, which has something to appeal to brands all over the world. This is more than Snapchat (about 166 million users daily) or Twitter, and other smaller social network platforms.

In addition, Gifs are sent by friends or acquaintances and are almost personal or in any case related to a given situation. The people who receive them will therefore gladly look at them, which could create a major advertising impact.

Unless Giphy doesn’t finally monetize its platform, if it does, there’s going to be a lot of brands using the platform to reach out to more people around the globe.