Few months to the Galaxy S9: All that we’ve gathered so far

When it comes to the Galaxy series, Samsung doesn’t delay in release. Just as the South Korean giant is constantly bringing new releases of its flagship phone, rumors of the yet-to-come phones are also flying faster everywhere. We bring you news updates and rumors to our earlier rumored specs, to help you know everything about the Galaxy S9 so far: its price, its release date, its characteristics, its data sheet and also the concepts of the design.

Galaxy S9 release date:

No release date has been announced yet. According to the release schedule of Samsung’s smartphones, the Galaxy S9 should be released somewhere in March or April 2018.

Price of the Galaxy S9

The price of the Galaxy S9 has not been announced. To give an order of magnitude, the Galaxy S9 will be somewhere $850 and $990, looking at the price of the S8 during the release time.

Galaxy S9 Screen:

The Galaxy S9 could have a screen with … 4 curved edges! It would thus occupy 98% of the available surface on the front face of the device. A revolutionary design that seems inaccessible with current technology. But Samsung could surprise us.

Galaxy S9 Power:

Samsung and Qualcomm have agreed on a new partnership to manufacture the Snapdragon 845 processor together. It will be engraved in 7mm and that means the new S9 will bring between 25% and 35% of additional power.

Galaxy S9 Design:

The Galaxy S9’s fingerprint reader should be at the back of the device, like the Galaxy S8. Samsung would still have trouble integrating the sensor directly under the slab though.

Galaxy S9 Battery:

Since the model will be equipped with a more powerful processor, the new S9 should have a more powerful battery. This is made possible by incorporating a new motherboard to add more components, thus freeing up more space.

News on the Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 is already under development at Samsung under the code name Star (and Star 2 for the Galaxy S9 +). The engineers work on it with 3 to 6 months ahead of the habits of the Korean firm. – Samsung has announced that it will collaborate with Corephotonics to design a revolutionary new dual photo sensor.

Please let us know  what you expect to see on the upcoming phone