Facebook launches Messenger Ads

It has been more than a year that we were all expecting, with more or less enthusiasm, the arrival of advertising on Messenger. This week, Facebook announced that Messenger Ads are launched internationally. We just hope the Ads don’t become a disturbance to users’ social messaging experience.


At the beginning of 2016, the first approach was to let a brand contact a user who had already contacted the brand on Facebook Messenger. Thus, the opt-in was automatic, and the page could then remind its customer that a product was available again, or that there were reductions on such and such product lines.

This approach was confirmed with the appearance of a “block sponsored message” button in July 2016 in the Messenger conversation settings. This first entry was rather sweet, with a conversational objective. Everybody was questioning, is advertising getting onto the messenger as well? Even inside the messenger, can’t users be freed from ads? But that was just the beginning. And now is the right time.

Another form of advertising: Messenger Ads

After successful tests in Australia and Thailand, it is another form of advertising that will make its entry on the Messenger application. More invasive this time.
Advertisers will have the ability to access 1.2 billion people who use Messenger with a greater or lesser frequency than the master application, Facebook. Between Instagram, Facebook, and now Messenger, it’s a broader offering to brands to optimize their presence.

Advertisements will appear on the home screen of the Messenger application. Mechanics can be conversational or on conversion to a website. Messenger Ads will be accessible from Ads Managers and Power Editor. All the objectives are adapted to this new medium of diffusion and new openings are made as well.
Advertising will indeed have its place on Facebook Messenger. It remains to be seen whether, as in the image, it will remain less intrusive, or if user interface efforts will be made in order to make room for advertisements.

Whatever Facebook’s decision would be, we all hope it would be geared towards making sure that using Messenger doesn’t become an inconvenience because of Ads.